How can bondura® technology help ensure CONTINUOUS operation?

bondura® technology will OPTIMIZE machinery performance, SIMPLIFY maintenance, INCREASE equipment life cycle and IMPROVE the overall quality of the equipment.

  • No wear and tear
  • Solid connections
  • Operational accuracy
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Improved safety

bondura® is the SMART choice for your machine

There is old saying stating that "you shall never forget where you come from" but we have certainly come a long way since it all began with a worn-out excavator in 1986.

We continue to work hard keeping in mind that no customer is to small, and that no customer is too big,  Whether you own a excavator, a tractor, a plow or is representing an original equipment manufacturer looking for a way to improve, and distinguish, your product line, we will help design and deliver a bondura® expanding pin that eliminates YOUR problem. That is our promise to you.

"When our front loader had become too exhausted in the bolted joints we chose to go for a bondura® upgrade. We then got all the worn pins replaced with new expanding bondura® pins. We are very pleased with the work that was performed and the final result. The front loader is almost like new, and we do not envisage that we will get similar problems again during the equipment lifetime"
John Olav Haraldsen , Head of Section, municipality of Sandnes, BYDRIFT

In the construction industry today, bondura® expanding pins are installed in the positions most exposed to heavy loads and forces like heavy loaders, excavators, trucks, cranes, etc.

bondura® expanding pins are certified and approved for replacing existing pins.

In addition to trucks, excavators, etc. building sites all over the world use tower cranes. Bondura Technology AS have developed a special expandable pin that makes the erection and disassembly of tower cranes much easier. Please see more in the Cranes section.

bondura® products will reduce your downtime and maintenance cost  by ensuring 360 deg. wedge force and a solid 180 deg. distribution of the load within the supports of the pivot joint. Maintenance on the supports are minimized by eliminating the need to line bore. In addition, risk of cracks forming in the support will be reduced, extending the equipment life cycle.

Bondura Technology AS also offer a unique technical solution that will ensure that the bearings will operate perfectly at all times. With our DUAL option installed, the bearing will not rotate on the pin, but rather between inner and outer race.

Get acquainted with the technical details of our products using the documentation, animations and videos available on this website. Please contact us directly for more information or a technical solution for your specific need.

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