How can bondura® technology reduce YOUR downtime?

bondura® technology will OPTIMIZE machinery performance, SIMPLIFY maintenance, INCREASE equipment life cycle and IMPROVE the overall quality of the equipment.

  • No wear and tear
  • Solid connections
  • Operational accuracy
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Improved safety

bondura® is the SMART choice for RENEWABLE

Maintenance and repair constitute a major challenge for industries across the world. Billions of dollars are spent every year to keep equipment in operational condition. This includes countless man-hours with serious safety challenges. For decades, Bondura Technology AS has helped businesses around the world  meet these challenges and reduced their operational cost and risk.

Bondura Technology AS design bolting solutions for Offshore Wind and has developed a new mechanical lock nut system which is under patenting and DNVGL certification for proof of concept. The technology will remove the need for annual inspection and re-torque checks of bolting connections.

With this, you will dramatically reduce maintenance cost and man-hours spent since the inspection regime will be very different from today.

Get acquainted with the technical details of our products using the documentation, animations and videos available on this website. Please contact us directly for more information or a technical solution for your specific need.

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