How can bondura® technology IMPROVE durability?

bondura® technology will OPTIMIZE machinery performance, SIMPLIFY maintenance, INCREASE equipment life cycle and IMPROVE the overall quality of the equipment.

  • No wear and tear
  • Solid connections
  • Operational accuracy
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Improved safety

bondura® is the SMART choice for rails

The railway industry is a business that is very dependent on accurate performance and reliable service.
Minor failures can have major impact on timetables or, even worse, they can jeopardize the safety of operation.

Railway systems providers therefore choose products and suppliers with the highest quality requirements, reliable technology and durable construction that will withstand the challenging conditions overtime.

"...we found that since the installation of the bondura®, we found the pins to be as tight as the day they left the shop."
Dean Young, Transocean

Bondura Technology AS have been working together with railway original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to design a pin solution that ensures the best possible joints in under carriage systems.

Using bondura® expanding pin technology your equipment will be guaranteed a long life with minimal joint maintenance ensuring  smooth operation for many years.

bondura® products will reduce your downtime and maintenance cost  by ensuring 360 deg. wedge force and a solid 180 deg. distribution of the load within the supports of the pivot joint. Maintenance on the supports are minimized by eliminating the need to line bore. In addition, risk of cracks forming in the support will be reduced, extending the equipment life cycle.

Bondura Technology AS also offer a unique technical solution that will ensure that the bearings will operate perfectly at all times. With our DUAL option installed, the bearing will not rotate on the pin, but rather between inner and outer race.

Get acquainted with the technical details of our products using the documentation, animations and videos available on this website. Please contact us directly for more information or a technical solution for your specific need.

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