bondura® 6.0

bondura® PIN type 6.0 is the perfect choice when you need to perfectly center two bores, typically in two adjacent plates.

bondura® PIN type 6.0 has been one of our best sellers for many years and is designed to be installed, tightened or retrieved from one side of the adjacent plates.

This version requires sufficient distance on one side to install the pin with sleeve, plate and tightening screw into the bore.


  • The assembly consists mainly of a pin with one conically machined end, one conical end-sleeve to fit the pin end, one end plate, and tightening screws to torque up the assembly
  • When torquing the pin assembly, the end-sleeve move axially and expand radially until locking the pin assembly to both adjacent bores, as a wedge. This will center the bores relative to each other
  • A torque wrench is required to tighten the screw until the adjacent bores are centered
  • A correctly installed bondura® PIN type 6.0 centers the bores perfectly relative to each other
  • If you need to retrieve the pin assembly, the bondura® multi-tool is the best and safest solution. These tools can be mechanically or hydraulically operated, depending on the pin size.

    bondura® multi-tools are available for both rental and purchase


  • The different parts of the pin assembly can be produced in a range of material qualities with different surface treatments, depending on your specific requirements.
    Our highly skilled engineering team will help select and design the optimal solution for your purpose.
  • All bondura® pin assemblies are wrapped in anti-corrosion film, perfectly protected and prepared for delivery
  • A User Manual will always follow the delivery and is available for download (see Documents section below)


  • bondura®PIN type 6.0 is the most cost-efficient solution for your needs when centering two mechanical parts is required
  • Designed to fit perfectly to your needs
  • Perfect centering

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