bondura® LMP

bondura® LMP is a unique design for load monitoring. Available for 3 different types of bondura® PIN types.

The bondura® Load Monitoring Pin contains a combination of a specially designed bondura® expanding pin solution with high quality load monitoring electronics from Strainstall.

With this combination, we have created one of the best load monitoring pin solutions available on the market. Our load tests confirms that the accuracy of our pins are among the most accurate available with up to 0,3% accuracy of full scale expectancy.

bondura® 6.6, bondura® 6.2 and bondura® 3.3 are available with load monitoring technology.

GA0364 bondura® LMP
bondura® 6.2
GA0362 bondura® LMP
bondura® 3.3
GA0360 bondura® LMP
bondura® 6.6