bondura® BX

bondura® PIN type BX is a straightforward and economical solution for smaller dimension joints. The solution requires enough space on one side to install the load bearing pin into the support bore, and the end-sleeve, plate and fastening details at the other.


  • The assembly consists mainly of a load bearing pin with conically machined ends, two conical end-sleeves to fit the pin ends, two circular end plates and a single tightening screw on each side to torque up the assembly
  • When torqueing the pin assembly, the end-sleeves move axially and expand radially until locking the pin assembly to the supports, as a wedge
  • A torque wrench is required to tighten the screws on both sides until it reaches the calculated torque value
  • A correctly installed bondura® PIN type BX protects both the supports of your equipment and the pin assembly itself against tear, wear, ovality, breakage and fretting
  • If you need to remove the sleeves in a safe and gentle manner, we have mechanical bondura® multi-tools available for small dimension end-sleeve removals
  • bondura® multi-tools are available for both rental and purchase


  • The different parts of the pin assembly can be produced in a range of material qualities with different surface treatments, depending on your specific requirements
  • Our highly skilled engineering team will help select and design the optimal solution for your purpose
  • For equipment exposed to vibration forces we can deliver most of our solutions with anti-loosening arrangements
  • All bondura® pin assemblies are wrapped in anti-corrosion film, perfectly protected and prepared for delivery
  • A User Manual will always follow the delivery and is available for download (see Documents section below)


  • bondura® PIN type BX is an easy and economical solution for smaller joints with no strict space requirements on either side
  • Designed to fit your needs perfectly
  • No relative movements between pin and supports, which prevent tear, wear, ovality, breakage and fretting

Manual bondura® BX
Assembly & Inspection