bondura® 2.0

bondura® 2.0

bondura® Tower Crane PIN type 2.0 is a new design made specifically for the joints connecting the sections of a tower mast. This solution is uniquely simple and quick to install and dismantle. The pin assembly consists of PIN, sleeve, nut and a spring cotter pin.

Advantages of the bondura® Tower Crane PIN solution:

  • Strong expandable connection pins with perfect fit
  • Single nut tightened to secure pin in place by expanding radial forces
  • Anti-rotation tool
  • No axial or rotational relative movements between PIN and bore, due to the 360 degr. radial contact pressure
  • Prevents tear and wear in the joints
  • Easily inserted spring cotter to secure nut
  • Single nut loosened to easily disassemble pin
  • Time-saving installation and disassembly
  • Reduced overall costs

Typical original equipment challenges:

  • Difficult and time-consuming installation and disassembly caused by tight tolerances in joints
  • Safety-related issues caused by difficult installation and disassembly operations
  • Clearances in each original pin joint causing large unwanted sway in the crane
  • Wear issues

Technical data:

  • Pin/Sleeve available in 34CrNiMo6+QT or 42CrMo4+QT as standard, specific materials upon request
  • Machined parts are treated with Zinc-Nickel Passivation coating to ensure a robust and corrosion resistant connection

PIN shear capacities:

Diameter [mm] Material quality     Shear capacity to Yield w/o safety factor [metric tons]:

Ø 45                        34CrNiMo6+QT         149

Ø 45                        42CrMo4+QT             121

Ø 55                        34CrNiMo6+QT          223

Ø 55                        42CrMo4+QT             181

Ø 65                        34CrNiMo6+QT          311

Ø 65                        42CrMo6+QT             253

Ø 75                        34CrNiMo6+QT          415

Ø 75                        42CrMo6+QT              337

Ø 85                       34CrNiMo6+QT           533

Ø 85                       42CrMo6+QT               433

Customer specific calculations when required.

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